Wednesday, February 27, 2013

That Awkward First Time

Welcome to the WWERD, ya'll. Introductions are awkward, but they don't have to be!

I'm a fan of a lot geek blogs and websites, but most of my favorites don't quite encompass everything I'm looking for, all in one place. I wanted to be that blog, for you!

Here at WWERD we'll be:

a) addressing multiple forms of media (rather than focusing on just film, pop culture, gaming, etc)
b) addressing media primarily from a woman's/feminist perspective
c) do occasional in-depth/academic analysis rather than surface or tangent blogging (although there will occasionally be that)
d) welcome feedback from the internet community, address content that isn't getting enough attention
e) provide a safe place for anyone who wants to respectfully and intelligently discuss any of the above

Sidenote: I don't always agree with the internet hivemind, (feminist or otherwise). GUESS WHAT. We can still be friends. Reading dissenting opinions and having constructive dialogue about it is a GOOD THING and it sure as shit doesn't hurt my feelings.


We'll be doing all this with such exciting and thought-provoking reoccurring segments listed below!

The “I failed the Bechdel Test” Corner of Shame - For those movies who just couldn't manage to 1) have at least two women  2) have at least two women who talk to each other 3) who talk to each other about something besides men

"Shiny New Things" from our favorite people, progressive game designers, RPGs, Comic artists - What's new at Marvel? How's the art in the new Paizo hardback? Stuff like that!

"Pop-Culture Geek News"- A famous actor joined the new season of Game of Thrones! Etcetera! 

"Straw Feminists In Your Closet!" - As Kate Beaton says, they are the greatest boogeymen of all time. This'll be our way of calling out our internet and IRL friends who are committing the ultimate Straw Feminist fallacy- ignoring actual positions and issues and substitute distorted, exaggerated ideas of "what feminism is/means" to make their (fallacious) point. 

"Lt Ripley’s Book Club" & "Film Critic Ripley"-Reviews  of Comics, TV, Movies as I see's 'em. We primarily focus on things in genre fiction- Sci Fi and Fantasy- but also dip into pop culture metadom when relevant. How was the first episode of Community Season 4? What'd we think about Warm Bodies? 


Til Then,

Lt Ripley

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